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General Information

Simple - Basic flavored cake with butter cream frosting

Medium Complexity Cake - Multi-flavored cakes with filling and cream cheese for specialty frosting.

High Complexity Cake - Multi-flavored and layered cakes with elaborate garnishes and fondant.

Satellite Cakes

Our satellite cakes are all double layer cakes. Dimensions, number of servings are as follows:

Size Serves
6" Serves 12
8" Serves 25
10" Serves 40
12" Serves 50
14" Serves 80
16" Serves 90

Sheet Cakes

Servings based on 2" x 2" pieces. Each piece can be individually decorated with icing.

Size Serves
1/4 Sheet Serves 24
1/2 Sheet Serves 48
Full Sheet Serves 96

Tier Cakes

Each cake can be built to any dimension or any number of tiers.

Shape Serves
Round 10-300 Guests
Hexagon 10-300 Guests
Heart 10-300 Guests
Square or Rectangle 10-300 Guests
Scalloped 10-300 Guests